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We provide comprehensive business & financial solutions with our expert over 30 years experience.

Welcome to A.P.A. Tax & Accounting Inc

A.P.A. tax and accounting Inc, needs no such introduction. The organization has been successful in holding strong grounds right from the commencement of our business standards. We are dedicated towards providing valued and professional services that are sure to make your business transfers smooth and seamless.

We are always there by your side

As a professional organization we understand that it is not always an easy task for a miniature organization to recruit accountants and tax professionals. It is because it might prove to be costly and you need to pay for an extra employee. Thereby it is being advised get in touch with us. We are one of the outsourcing audit and accounts firms that are all in readiness to be by your side as and when being required.

What we can offer you

With the mushrooming of several firms in the location of Surrey, it is not always easy to locate the superlative organization. At the same time it is not at all easy to maintain utmost professionalism in this stiff competition. But it is not really the case with us, we try and maintain utmost transparency and carry out our commercial approaches in a seamless manner.

Our professionalism

All we can say is, our team does have years of experience under their kitty and they are quite aware of understanding each and every aspect of a business. They are very much updated with the latest approaches and can take up stiff challenges as and when being required. They are aware with the technical tabulations and maintenance of the manual sheet.

Count on us for availing the top notch services in town.

Why Choose Us?


As a professional company we are always there to help you out. We would allow you to make your financial needs more and more seamless. The professionals working with us are always there to help you out during the crisis hours. Feel free to call us up and move ahead with few optimized solution from us.

Financial Experts

If you are in need of any financial advice do count on us for valued professionalism.

Always Available

We are always being available to help you out and make your commercial standards receive tailored advices.

Customer Focused

We are always focused on making our customers happy. At the same time we try and built up a positive bond of cordiality with them.

No Sales Cultures

We do not believe in selling. All we can do is get a grab of what our customers want and then cater our services accordingly.

Our Services

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